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Balance 9 is a Duo, Tracy M composer/musician and APJ composer/Sax player. And also, a family of pro studio musicians. We truly have a future-minded respect for the 9 elements of Composition, It means a lot, where music goes from here. B9 hopes to fill your listening experience with that love for music to know for a long Time.  

In the quietness: Feature Guitarist Theo (Teddy) Diaz  brings a  genuine feel and magic to the album on '110 At Night' and 'Escape'. GT (sirslapnasty) on Bass in Detroit studios is on the funky jazz track Half Stepp'n Half, and adds to the healing of 'Two Sky's' and 'Blu-Bee's' a Bluesy synthetic jazzy-soul track.  Ronnie Felder the Boss bassist tracked his on the studio favorite  'Escape'.  Taufi the female vocalist  and writer, is a studio pro that has dedicated many studio hours on songs for B9. This will be a fulfilling journey forward for both our supporters and the musicians who contributed.

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We are working on A New Album for '2022 Its Called "Change Lanes" 
We move  forward a Bit still on a journey of Jazz Now and the 9
elements that balance in music

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The first single is called "Change Lanes" it's That familiar Balance9 blend in a mid-tempo.....A good add to any atmosphere or scene


Change Lanes New! (studio)B9
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           Two Sky's
      From The Album
           Inside Out

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Thank You for following Balance9...New material for '21 is coming along quite well right now. The Synthetic Jazz sound continues, on the next album for '21, and it has the same disciplined layers and tribal qualities. We hope to see more of the featured musicians back with us on a track or two. Wisdom and Sync is the attitude. Tracy M and APJ will be Healing even more on this Junior album. Add ‘Inside Out’ to your play-list and Thank You in advance.   B9


Tracy M. Music Composer

I Produce Because I Think Its Necessary. Being A Musician kinda Creates A responsibility of the Gift. Its much Bigger than All The Places And Spaces It has Taken Me. As we merge into an era of Jazz and instrumental Music I hope the mainstream of the Past respects the Organic truth about the Future of music and "Sound".

Tracy M

Member of SESAC

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Fountain Of Youth Balance9
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